Friday, August 13, 2010

Free Read: Butterface

Lucky has a secret--if he doesn't bring Beth to the "dog dinner" party his roommates are having, he's off the team. The soccer scholarship is paying his college tuition--he HAS to stay on the team. But if Beth ever finds out she's his entry in the contest for ugliest date, he stands to lose even more.

 A lot more. 

If you would like your free ecopy, please go here: and use coupon code: WT49G  when you check out. You will need to sign up for a Smashwords account if  you don't already have one, but I chose that site because it has all the different formats available--so you can read it on whatever reader you prefer. 

This story is very special to me. I hope you like it. It's free until September have at it. Tell you friends!


  1. Just downloaded it! Looking forward to reading it :)

  2. Anonymous6:52 AM

    is the coupon code expired ?

  3. Sorry--the post says it expired on Sept 12.