Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Therapy

I'm back from a long weekend with my hubby's family. Long being the operative word. Why does it take an act of congress to get 10 people up, ready and moving in the same direction in the morning? Why does it take so long for a group to make a decision? Why do they move so slowly once that decision is made?

I swear, I need a vacation from my vacation.

It wears me out, all that thinking and discussing and planning. I'm more of a "just do" kinda person. It takes me about 5 seconds to make a decision about something and then act on it, so maybe you can understand why I'm so worn out.

Do you have to destress from your family vacations too or is it just me?


  1. Nope it's not just you. I always need a vacation after a big family vacation. It's never restful.

  2. this is exactly why after we did a big family "vacation" to disney last year, that I said it was the LAST time...I don't care if my mother pays or not. LOL

  3. Dude. Yeah, that's why I don't do big old family vacations like that hardly ever at all...haha. I wanna do what I wanna do, when I wanna do it.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about large family gatherings. Exactly.

  5. Honestly I think vacationing alone OR with another person who is willign to split up for "do your own thing time" is ideal.

    I've taken very, very few vacations with family since becoming an adult and was little more than a passenger on somebody else's train ride. I never pushed my own wants or wishes because I didn't want to be a stick in the mud... but I also never had a good time.

    Now I no longer travel far... but one thing Ahmed is great about is NOT needing me to accompany him if it's not my thing. We go to Maine. I sleep in. He goes out and sees stuff, buys stuff, does stuff from 5am to 11-ish. It works.

    Leave a note on the pillow and take off! LOL There's chocolate to be sampled...

  6. I haven't done a "family" vacation in a while (defined as including someone I'm related to.) But as far as traveling, I think, regardless of whether you're related to the folks you're traveling with, it *really* helps to have similar habits. Get up early, or stay up late? Decide things way ahead of time, or spur of the moment? Buy bread and cheese and eat cheap in the motel or B&B or park -- or dine out every meal?

    Because I've had few more excruciating experiences than traveling with folks who drive me crazy...and vice versa. :-)


  7. I don't have a traveling family. Which is a-ok with me. It's hard enough to do stuff with just the kids and the hubby. And sometimes, it can be hard with the just the hubby too. I'm kind of a loner, I think.

  8. We had a family meeting before 11 of us went to Disney and it was decided, since I'm the Disney expert, I would plan it all and just tell everyone where and when.

    I was fortunate to have such a cooperative group and it was one of my favorite vacations. We saw and did everything without any whining. :)