Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chivalry is dead...or is it?

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One of the things that irritates me about society today is the lack of social graces and general care for others--now, don't get me wrong. It's not everyone, and it's not all the time. And no, I'm not one of those old fogies who sits on her lawn and sprays people with the water hose when they cut through my grass (though how fun would that be? haha).

But if you ask me, politeness to others has gone downhill. People cut each other off while driving, more concerned with texting their friends or eating their massive double cheeseburger than with road safety. People let the door slam shut behind them, right in your face, without holding the door open. People yap on cell phones right in the middle of movies, not caring that you paid twenty some odd bucks just for tickets (not including drinks and snacks), and you'd like a little peace and quiet to watch the film, not listen to them on their phone.

What brought about this change in society? When did this start? Because behaviors like these were frowned upon not that long ago...and yet, this sort of self-centeredness, this impoliteness has gradually seeped in and become almost mainstream. It's hip to be self-focused, I think.

Not in my house, though. I'm one strict mama, and my kids are gonna be polite to others, come hell or high water.

So, what brought this rant on? Well, thanks for asking! LOL

Yesterday, when I was heading with my family into the mall to buy a couple of pairs of much-needed jeans, a guy and a girl were walking in together right in front of me. The guy opened the outer door and let the girl walk through, then continued to hold the door open for me and my family. I was duly impressed and appreciative--kudos to you, mysterioso guy!

When the girl reached the inner set of doors, did she return the favor to him, or bother to hold the door open for me and my family? NOPE. Instead, she plowed through, letting the door slam right in my face. No, I ended up opening that door and holding it open for the guy and my family.

And you know what's sad about stuff like that? The more girls like that act snotty and rude and treat people like this, the more it will likely make other people say, "What the hell? Why am I even bothering when I'm not getting the courtesy back?"

Ladies--you want respect? You want a date who has good manners and courtesy? SHOW MANNERS AND COURTESY IN RETURN. And hold the damn door open, please. The world does not revolve around you.


  1. amen sistah!
    I'm very strict when it comes to manners and politeness with my kids. I think I've trained them so well to be polite to others that nobody ever believes me when I'm complaining about what little punks they can be!

    I think it starts at home. Manners were important to my family growing up and I've instilled those ideals in my own kids. But some people don't take the time to teach kids to open the doors or say thank you...and then when they become adults and parents themselves, the art is lost. it used to be expected, now it's a nice surprise. Which is sad.

  2. Wait. Are you sure the world doesn't revolve around me?

    Hmmm. Must research this.

  3. HAS TO START AT HOME and be reinforced everywhere, all the time. Oy!!

    Kristen...honey, the world DOES revolve around you. But no one else. LOL

  4. My husband and my son race to get to be the one to open the door for me.

    It's not's resting. When our kids our older, good manners will make a comeback.

  5. Preach it, sistah!

    (ROFL, Kristen.)

  6. I don't have kids, but I do try to teach my kittens good manners (don't bite strangers on the nose, and that sort of thing). Does that count? ;-)

    As to manners...I'm not arguing with you here, Rhonda (and isn't it weird that whenever someone says "I'm not arguing with you," it immediately sounds like they are?)...but I do think sometimes manners in the past weren't as good as we like to think they were. Apparently when my grandmother was pregnant and rode the streetcar, often no one would give her their seat, even those old-fashioned "gentlemen" we're always hearing about... Sigh...


  7. Cara--good point. It's easy to glorify the "good old days"...but it wasn't always THAT great. *sigh*

  8. I am SO SICK of ppl and their cell phones. I love how now some let theirs ring extra long and loud bc they LOVE their RING SONG! UGH! If you are reading this, don't be one of those ppl. Especially in the library. Where there are signs to switch your phone to vibrate. Cuz guess what? We don't think you or your ring tone are cool.