Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hot and Sweaty...With No Power

We think the power went out around 4 pm yesterday, during the height of the storms. We're not sure. That's just a guess.

All we know is that when Mr. Brice and I got home from work around 6:30, it was out. We waited around until almost 8 before going out to dinner, because we were convinced it would come back on at any moment.

It didn't.

It's still not on, and the electric company has deemed our neighborhood a "severe damage" zone. Their best estimate is 10 pm Friday night.


And crappy daughter that I am, I proceeded to call my mom and b!tch at her (yeah, like it's really her fault) about having no power. It wasn't until about 10 minutes after I hung up that I realized I forgot to wish her a happy birthday.

So Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!


  1. UGH--being hot and sweaty makes anyone crabby.

    Happy birthday, Amanda's mom!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Amanda's mom!
    She really is a nice girl. Really. Momentary lapse, we promise.

  3. Whoa...Rhonda and I posted at the same time.

  4. Happy Birthday, mom!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Amanda's mom!! You have a wonderfully talented and generous daughter. =)

  6. Happy Birthday Amanda's Mom!!

    We're so proud of your daughter, even when she's hot and sweaty and crabby. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Amanda's Mom!

  8. Happy bday mom!

    And I'm sorry your house sux. That's why there is Starbucks! Go write there!

  9. did call her back, didn't you?

    Sorry you're all unelectrified and stuff. That sucks.

  10. LOL, yeah, Kristen, I did.
    Apparently she hung up the phone with me and was like "Bob, she didn't wish me happy birthday!"


    So, so, so sorry Mom! I didn't mean it! It's really been one of those days. Hope yours is much better!

  11. Happy Birthday Amanda's Mom!

  12. Happy birthday one day late, Amanda's mom! I didn't see this until late last night, so I didn't get to chime in until today. But hope you did something fun!

    And soooo sorry about the power being out. That stinks.