Monday, June 02, 2008


Chrissy blogged about friends the other day, and I'm going to continue with that theme.

I saw the Sex and the City movie this weekend. It was an emotional rollercoaster full of happiness, nostalgia and real life pain. But most of all, it was a great lesson on friendship and forgiveness.

True friendship comes unconditionally and the movie was a great example of how fiction can portray real life. I highly recommend the movie to anyone sixteen and up (it's pretty darn Racy--hence the R rating)--even if you didn't follow the show, I think you'll leave the theater with a good understanding of what friendship can and should be.

I have one really good friend from high school. We've remained very close all these years. We survived high school, colleges, broken hearts, getting fat, getting skinny (and getting fat again) babies, money troubles and moving away. What we have is special. I know this. I think the reason we found each other and have remained such good friends is because we truly put no conditions on our friendship.

As an adult, I've learned to go with my gut when it comes to forming lasting friendships. Unfortunately, it took me a long time to learn that lesson, and I ended up hurt because I had chosen a few friends who did not know how to be a "friend" back. I don't regret the lesson I learned when the friendship fell apart because it taught me to be true to myself no matter what.

The point of my rambling is, be true to yourself and your real friends will be true to you. You may end up weeding out a faux friend or two, but when its all said and done, your true friendships will be stronger than ever. Go with your gut. It really won't lead you astray.


  1. GREAT post. And you can learn a lot about yourself and about friendship from those "faux" friends, too...which makes those real friendships even better and more satisfying.

  2. I have two bff's from 7th grade on--we all live far apart now and even if I only get together with them once a year or even two--it's like no time has passed.
    Nice post!

  3. Excellent post. It's soooo true.

    I have two very good girlfriends from growing up that I'm still close friends with today. One I met in 4th grade. The other, 7th I think.

    The rest of my elementary/junior high/high school friends? We'll email during the months leading up to the next high school reunion, see each other at the event, and then email for a couple of months afterwards. And that will be it for the next 5 years. *sigh*

    As for college friends, I've really only remained close with a few. But that just makes me that much more grateful for them.

    True friends are a gift.