Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm An Addict

There. I said it. I have an easily addicted personality. Fortunately, it doesn't involve drugs or alcohol. It runs more to the...okay, fine, I'll say it...the gaming side of things. Not gambling. Gaming. As in the Sims or other numerous online RPG's that I refuse to name. Seriously, I can beat you to a pulp on so many different levels with so many different creatures/warriors it's not even funny. I can also tell you that I finally uninstalled Sims from my pc after I'd played it 6 hours straight without stopping. I had no idea I'd played it that long. 6 hours...just gone.

And now a new game is calling to me. SPORE. Sweet, delicious, interactive SPORE. From the Sims people, so you know it's good. Basically, you grow your own organism from a single cell into a being. I know some of you out there are like, um, and this is hard to ignore how? But I want this game. Badly. I've wanted it for years, which is how long it's been in production. I also know I'll become addicted to it and play it endlessly for days while nothing else gets done. And I mean nothing.

So I'm trying not to think about how the game will be available for purchase next week. I'm also trying not to visit the website so that I don't download the creature creator. I will be strong. I will not cave.


Please tell me you have addictions too?


  1. I must admit that I fail to see how growing a virtual organism would be riveting entertainment, but what do I know?

    I'm addicted to message boards, which is a problem when I'm posting on them while at work.

    I'm also addicted to dance reality shows.

  2. omG...total Sims addict. I think it's all the control. And the decorating. And the....crap.

    I can hardly resist as it is, why do you tempt me.

  3. I WANT to play these games-I just can't. I refuse to buy them, to even glance in their direction. I used to play Space Invaders for 18 hours straight. See where this is goin? There were many bad things in my life I stopped and I've never had a desire to revisit them ever again-gaming is not one of those things. I keep myself on a tight leash.

  4. I've lost days/weeks to Sims. That's why we no longer have it in the house. I love to play Unreal Tournament, but I rarely allow myself to play because I won't stop.

    Spore sounds exactly like the type of time-suck obsession that I have to stay fare away from.

  5. For me, it's games like gin and solitaire on the computer that do me in. And I get these puzzle magazines with logic problems and that sort of thing -- far too addictive. :-)


  6. OMG I have addictions, too--message boards are definitely one. Blogs. Coke with lime. Slingo (I HEART THIS GAME). And there are other things, too...LOL that's enough for now, though.

  7. I am embarassingly enfatuated with Mah Jong.


    I have NO games on my computer. Well, I have minesweeper, but minesweeper sux.

  8. I love the Sims, always have, always will. I feel no personal shame or guilt about this. Whenever a new Legend of Zelda game comes out, that's it for a few weeks. I was addicted the Harry Potter books when they first came out, seriously, it's like they were printed on heroin paper.

    And in the past, I've been addicted to soap operas. Like, hardcore enough to subscribe to the magazines and join a discussion board and everything. I know. But I kicked it!