Friday, March 25, 2011

Princess for a month

So, I know that it's technically the Month of Mel, but I have to tell you...I've been a bit of a princess this month.
My debut novel, Falling Under, released on March 1st and I was so busy, I almost didn't celebrate...but my family had other ideas....

And then we had my official book launch party two weeks later. 

And I had a lovely time. Really. It was awesome. And then, I had a signing in Seattle. Except it wasn't a signing. It was a READING. Like out loud. In front of people. With a microphone. 

I didn't pass out, but it was a close thing. And I know now what to say when people ask me what's the best and worst thing about writing. 

Best= red velvet cupcakes with black roses and balloons and flowers and unexpected out of town guests who flew in just for your party (I'm looking at you Jeannie Lin).

Worst= reading out loud with a microphone.

Thankfully, I had two writing veterans in attendance that night, Courtney Milan and Richelle Mead, giving me advice and telling me I'd be fine. But still. Eep.

So, as my Princess status winds down, I just wanted to thank all my friends, family, and readers for making this such a special release for me. All of you make me happy. 

Oh! And I'm supposed to pick a winner from yesterday's blog:

Amanda Brice! Wait...that won't work....picking again.................

Alexis Salcido! Congrats! Please email Amanda at AmandaBrice at romancedivas dot com with you contact information. 


  1. You deserve to be a princess! Go Gwenny, it's your release month, go Gwenny...

  2. Amanda Brice11:58 AM

    Princess status is so WELL deserved! You earned it!!!!

  3. It's the YEAR OF GWENNY! You deserve way more than a month, dear Princess.

  4. Amanda Brice12:36 PM

    Year of Gwenny...I think that has a LOVELY ring.

  5. Thanks guys! I'll remind you it was your idea to give me a whole year when I start to get really annoying.