Friday, March 04, 2011

Are you a reader?

I read pretty voraciously when I'm not writing one of my own books. (It's so hard for me to get my characters out of my head when I'm writing that trying to read something else is almost impossible.) There is always a book on my nightstand, more often two or three, plus whatever's on my Kindle. Then there are the magazines scattered throughout the house, usually folded back to the last article I was looking at.

I've always been a reader. One of my earliest memories is winning a blue ribbon in kindergarten for reading the most books. My parents read, my brother reads...books have always been a part of my life.

So here are my non-scientific questions for you:

Have you always been a reader?
If no, when did you start actively reading for pleasure?
If yes, does the rest of your family read?
Where does your love of reading come from?


  1. I have always read books. I can't remember not having a book in my hand. I have one son who enjoys reading and one who doesn't. No clue how that happened. My mom always read and sharing books with her is one of my most precious memories.

  2. I can't remember a time when I couldn't read. All my older brothers and sisters were reading around me, so I learned early. My mother always had a book either in her hand or nearby. They provided the example, but I think my love of reading came from the books I read. I could be anywhere and do anything when I got lost in a book.

  3. Have you always been a reader? No. I was in elementary schol then stopped.

    If no, when did you start actively reading for pleasure? When I got pregnant and had to take an early maternity leave from work.

    If yes, does the rest of your family read? My daughter, yes. My hubby JUST started reading for pleasure.

    Where does your love of reading come from? I think my dad. He was a HUGE reader.

  4. 1) I've always been a reader. I love books that spark the imagination.

    2)I read more for pleasure as an adult. I think this is because as a kid I had 4 younger siblings. It was almost impossible to find quiet time to read. This is also why I'm an expert at "tuning things out."

    3)My husband reads magazines. The basket at his end of the sofa is overflowing. He only reads a few novels a year. My daughter and oldest granddaughter LOVE to read. I read often to my kids when they were young and we made weekly to trips to the library.

    4)My love of reading comes from finding great books. ;) I don't recall my parents reading much when I was growing up. (but then again, they had 5 kids) My mom reads now, especially since I'm always giving her books I think she'll like.

  5. I've been a reader since age 4--my parents read some, but nothing like I did. My grandma was a big reader though. My daughter has taken after me...but my son not so much.

  6. I've always been a reader. I was a sickly child, and got my dose of adventure in the pages of books. Every day I had to take a nebulizer 3-4 times at 15 minutes each time. My sister and mom took turns reading to me until I was a good enough reader to do so myself.

    If left to my own devices -- stupid day job! -- I'd read 3 -4 books single titles in a day. Now that I'm writing more, my reading has slowed way down, but I squeeze in what I can.

  7. I've always been a reader. I started reading adult books at a very young age. I would read all through the night. Only my twin sister and I read. I did it for escapism, and now I just enjoy the journey. My love of reading comes from the journey. Where I can enjoy the ups and down and have a happily ever after.

  8. I was thirteen when the reading bug hit. Up till then I hated reading and only did it when I had to. After thirteen I started reading nearly everything I could get my hands on. Both my parents are (were, dad's gone now) readers, though it took my dad a long time to read (slow learner). My sister loved horror and discovered King in HS. I had a hard time reading his work and preferred SF and fantasy.


  9. I'm a reader and come from a family of readers. My siblings still read, their homes are crammed with books. My three daughters were all early readers. I read to them a lot and the library was their second home in middle school(our library has a cool teen zone). My oldest now works at the library and one is seriously considering a library college degree.

    My husband reads, but not much fiction. He likes magazines and sports related books. Though when he was ill in December he read quite a bit on my Kindle!

  10. I can't remember a time when I didn't read. According to my mom, I started reading on my own at 3 and have never stopped since.

    I hope my daughter will be the same way. She's a little over 1 right now, and every morning we hear her "reading" to herself in her crib. It's adorable.

    My hubby reads magazines and legal opinions.