Thursday, July 29, 2010

RWA Conference

Half the Fictionistas are in Orlando this week, having a wonderful time at the Romance Writers of America conference. The other half of us are stuck at home.

Can you guess who is where? OK, I'll help you out...I'm not in Orlando. :(

But Mel, Kristen, and Gwen are! Mel signed LOVE SUCKS last night at the Literacy Booksigning. My copy arrived in the mail from Amazon yesterday and I'm SOOOO excited to read it! BITE ME was really good, so I know this one will totally rock!

Are you at RWA? Having fun? Attending any good workshops?


  1. I'm at home too. We were at Disney in June...too bad it couldn't have all coordinated!

    I can't wait to read Love Sucks. I love Mel's writing and humor:)

    I'll bet they all have fuzzy hair it's so humid in Florida. *snicker*

  2. my hair isn't too bad, but my feet are swollen up something awful....

  3. I'm home. RWA week is always a little lonely around the blogosphere. Half my morning reads are absent. :pout: Eh, I'll survive this year like I do every year - by working on getting a book ready for eventual publication. Then maybe I can afford to join in the fun. =o)

  4. I wrote this at work yesterday, but my work computer doesn't like this kind of comment box, so I had to save it for my home computer. But guess what? I asked for Harper to send me a copy of Love Sucks below and then I went home, checked the mail and there was a copy!! I can't wait to dive in and read it! I loved the first book.

    I met Mel at RWA last year and she wasn't signing any books, but I told her she'd be signing at this year's and to be excited for that and she is!! :) I can't wait for Love Sucks (Harper, please send me a review copy!) and I wish I were at RWA this year. I was gonna go when it was in Tennessee but Orlando was just too far for me. Of course, I was also sad to hear that Meg Cabot was going- will I ever meet her again?! I did ask some authors to say hi to her for me if they saw her at all, so hopefully that happened, lol.

  5. I hope everyone had fun at RWA!