Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Changes Are A-Comin'

As you probably know from Kristen's post the other day, the Fictionistas blog no longer focuses solely on YA books. Of course, it probably never did even when we said it did. We've always talked about a wide range of topics, but we did try to always bring it all back to YA when we could.

Anyway, most of us 'Nistas write more than just YA, so we decided to make this a more diverse blog open to all topics and books. Now rather than a group of YA writers focused on promoting and talking about YA books, we're a bunch of writers gather to chat about books and life.

So as a reader of this blog, what topics would you like for us to discuss? While we're changing things up, now is the time to give us ideas!

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  1. Announcements that Nistas have made the Best Sellers' lists.

    But that's jus' lil' ole me. :D