Friday, July 02, 2010

Fortunate Cookies Contest

How would you like to win a $10 Amazon gift card just for being especially witty?

I'm looking for ten unique/hilarious fortunes to put in my promo fortune cookies. I will pick my ten favorite from all the entries and from those ten, one name will be drawn for a gift card.

Enter in the comments, as many fortunes as you like. Messages must be 70 characters or less (including spaces). Deadline July 5, 2010 Noon Pacific Time. I will combine the entries here and from my blog to choose winner.

May the fortune be with you....

(this has been cross posted from my personal blog)


  1. Today is a good day to dye.

  2. A cross-eyed man is doubly blessed, for he shall see paradise twice.

  3. He who throws dirt is losing ground.

  4. Chelsea B.5:11 PM

    "I have nothing for you. I'm just a cookie."

    "You ate through a Chinese meal you didn't want for this. Sucker."

    "Love means honesty. Unless its a really jucy secret. In which case:lie, baby, lie."

  5. I'm all that I'm crackered up to be.

    Arrg! I wouldn't even choose this one.