Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Q&A with Elizabeth Scott at Romance Divas!

Acclaimed YA author Elizabeth Scott is the Author of the Month at Romance Divas. she's doing an "anything goes" Q&A on the forum, so go check it out!

Elizabeth's newest novel, "The Unwritten Rule" was released last month. I just bought it and can't wait to dive right in, because I'm a huge Elizabeth Scott fangirl!

If you've never checked out any of her books, be warned that "Living Dead Girl" (and her upcoming "Grace", which will be out this fall) are VERY different from her sweet teen romances, like "Bloom" or "Something, Maybe." But anything she writes is fabulous.

Go check out the Q&A and ask your questions!!


  1. Awesome! I posted a question last night.

  2. Such a it.

  3. I love Elizabeth Scott!!