Monday, February 28, 2011

who are you?

I'm going to be 42 years old in 15 days...(and if you're anything like my kids, you're already mumbling "Old Lady" and coughing the word "geezer" into your hand.) I'm okay with that.
  1. I look damn good for a 41 year & 337 day old woman.
  2. I know who I am and I'm totally okay with me.
I think I was probably in my 30s before I really started to get to know myself and to stop trying to please everyone. Friendship and love isn't about winning a competition. It's okay to have multiple friends and it's okay if one of your friends likes someone better than you. What isn't okay is if you spend a countless amount of energy trying to "win" them over. Nobody likes to be with someone who isn't being true to themselves.

And if you're true to yourself...and you realize that the people you want to be with don't seem to feel the same, then move on. It's not easy, but you should never compromise your core values for someone else. It's like Mark Darcy said to Bridget: "I like you just as you are."

That's where true friendship and love can be found. And I hope you guys can start working on that a lot younger than I did...however, it doesn't matter how old you's never too late to to be true to you.


  1. Exactly! Thanks for saying it.

    And happy early birthday. I'm about a year and 2 months behind you. The forties aren't nearly as bad as I thought they'd be. =o)

  2. I think with the world of social networking nowadays, it's really easy to try to be someone you're not...and I see both kids and adults doing it everyday. It's really sad.

    And thanks, B.E.! My 40s have been great to me so far!!

  3. Nice post, Geezer (woops, I meant, Mel!)

  4. The 40's aren't bad at all. In fact, it's chicks like us that make the 40's look this hot.

  5. Beautifully said! Happy birthday!

  6. Melly, I love you just the way you are.