Monday, November 08, 2010

baby you can drive my car

Yesterday I gave my oldest son (he's 16) his first driving lesson.

I remember begging my mom to teach me to drive when I was 12 years old. My 13 year old son is begging me to learn. My 16 year old? Has had absolutely zero interest until now.

I'm okay with that, mostly. The older he is before he's on the road, then the safer he is...technically. But, he's still riding around with all his 16 year old friends who are driving, so I suppose really it's the same no matter what.

I tease him all the time that the only reason I allowed him to make it to 16 alive is so that he could take over Taxi duties and that his lack of drive to learn to drive is an Epic Failure.

But the truth is, it's fine if he takes his time to learn. If he feels any sense of unease then there's no reason to unleash him on the public behind the wheel of a killing machine. Ya know?

Still, I find it odd that he hasn't shown an interest until now...just 4 months shy of his 17th birthday. Have you guys noticed a trend in teens not wanting to learn to drive. Ian isn't the only one in his group of friends. It seems to be a bit of an epidemic around these parts. What about around your parts?
BTW, he did a damn fine job for his first real time behind the wheel. He even drove down a neighborhood street!


  1. I think there's more urgency if they don't have a parent or friend who can drive them where they want to go. When it means two buses to go see a friend -- that's a real incentive. :-)


  2. I think some kids don't want the responsibility yet, which is fine. My daughter was chomping at the bit. My son doesn't seem excited that he can take drivers ed this winter.

  3. My husband, when I met him.. didn't have his drivers' license. He lacked interest and actually is finally just getting more into driving. I taught him when he was 18 and I was 21 and he really only wanted to then so he could get a better job. Also, his parents wouldn't take him out so it was up to me. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn't come along?

    Give him some time. I could have gotten my license when I turned 16 but waited 6 months after because I was nervous about the driving test. Once he thinks about jobs.. he'll be jumping more on the driving band wagon.