Monday, June 07, 2010

happy National VCR day!

Seriously, do any of y'all even know what a VCR is anymore? I actually still own one. I'm pretty sure it works. I only own 2 VCR tapes: Bridget Jones Diary (also have the DVD) and the original Little Mermaid with the banned cover.

Other things we can celebrate this week?

June 7th
Daniel Boone Day
Dean Martin's Birthday

June 8th
Upsy-Daisy Day (everyone wake up happy!)
Bill of Rights Anniversary
Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday

June 9th
Donald Duck's Birthday!

June 10th
Anniversary of the Ball Point Pen (w00t!)
Maurice Sendak's Birthday (let the wild rumpus begin!)

June 11th
Corn on the Cob day (I don't know about you, but I know how I'm gonna
King Kamehameha I Day (Hawaii)

June 12th
Crowed Nest Awareness Day (when adults move back in with their parents or when grandparents are left to raise the grandchildren.)
Anne Frank's Birthday

So what are you planning to celebrate this week? I'm really going to hit Corn on the Cob day with both barrels. Yum.


  1. Every day should be corn on the cob day.

  2. I can't really celebrate corn on the cob day. Darn permanent retainers.

  3. Amanda Brice7:38 PM

    Corn is repulsive. Sorry.

  4. Amanda, you're a commie! haha. I heart corn. :D

  5. Half my family has birthdays at the end of May and/or beginning of June.

    Also there should be a holiday where you are allowed to run people over if they ride a bike or walk in the middle of the road.

    Think of the boost in hospital revenue!