Monday, June 13, 2011

Special Guest: Gemma Halliday!

Today we have a special guest post from Gemma Halliday, and she has a contest for our readers!

Take it away, Gemma!


Thanks so much to the lovely Fictionistas for hosting me today! Not only are they all fantastic ladies, but I’m also bordering on mega-fan of their books.

My Hollywood Confessions Blog Tour is in full swing, so please check out my website for more tour stops, as I’ll be giving away cool prizes (including gift cards, free books, cameo appearances, and Hollywood Headlines collectibles) at each stop!

Hollywood Confessions explores the sensational world of Hollywood through the eyes of tabloid reporter, Allie Quick. Allie has high aspirations - much higher than reporting on the latest celebrity gossip for the L.A. Informer, Hollywood's most notorious tabloid. But if she's going to join the ranks of the real reporters, she's going to need a headline worthy story under her belt. Luckily, she gets just that when the producer of the trashiest reality shows on TV winds up murdered, and Allie convinces her editor, Felix Dunn, that this story has her name written all over it. Between an aging dance-off judge, a family with sextuplets and triplets, and the star of a little person dating show, Allie has no shortage of reality stars to question. But when she finds herself falling for her prime suspect, Allie's relationship with her editor is suddenly on the rocks, and her life is in danger. This is one deadline Allie can't afford to miss!

One of my favorite things about writing this book was coming up with the fake reality shows that the victim, Chester Barker, had created. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a reality TV junkie myself. And with so many great slash trashy reality shows to choose from lately, it was hard creating unique ones of my own. Here’s what I came up with:

Little Love
A reality dating show where one eligible bachelor is put into a house with twenty hot, young single girls. Every week the girls tried to out-flirt each other on group dates to earn a rose at the end of the hour-long show. The last one left standing at the end of the season gets a proposal from the bachelor. The twist? All the contestants on the show are little people. Including the ‘Little Bachelor”, who happens to have serious anger issues and ends up taking out a couple cameramen during the course of the season.
(Cleary this was my homage to The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Little People Big World, The Little Couple, and maybe a smidge of explosive Jersey Shore tempers. )

Don & Deb’s Diva Dozen
Don and Deb Davenport are the parents of 12 little girls: two sets of triplets (ages six and ten) and a set of sextuplets (four-year-olds), and all of them compete in the Tiny Tot beauty pageants. In their fourth season, the ratings hit a high when Don was photographed with a string of young co-eds at trendy Hollywood nightclubs. Don and Deb announced a trial separation for Fall sweeps, Deb taking the sextuplets and doing the Southern Glitz pageant circuit, while Don took the triplets to the West Coast Sunshine pageants. But, thankfully, by May sweeps, the couple announced they were going to give marriage a try again, and the season culminated in an hour-long Don & Deb’s Reunion show where the couple took all twelve children to Vegas for a long weekend, renewing their vows at the MGM Grand.
(Take a dose of Jon & Kate, Quints by Surprise, and 19 Kids & Counting… or are they at 20 now? 21?... throw in some Toddlers & Tiaras, and just a *slight* hint of Octomom, and voila! Reality gold.)

Stayin’ Alive
Currently in its ninth season, this is the granddaddy of all reality shows, pitting fifteen strangers against each other to fight for the title of Last Survivor Alive. Each season contestants are dropped in the middle of nowhere, the only location requirements being a beach (where the female contestants can wear their teeny tiny bikinis), torrential rains (that wet said bikinis suggestively), and lots of big, hungry mosquitoes (just for kicks). All fifteen contestants have to brave both the elements and each other, fighting it out in reward and immunity challenges. Anyone not winning immunity is forced to go to the tribal staging area, where someone is sent home each week. However, they aren’t voted out on their survival skills. Instead, the contestants participate in a dance-off, where a panel of judges vote out the contestant with the worst ballroom skills.
(Survivor vs. Dancing with the Stars vs. American Idol – the ultimate competition show!)

So, what are you fav reality shows? Any great combos you’d love to see? Leave your answer in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win a prize! Since Hollywood Confessions is the 3rd book in the Hollywood Headlines series, I’m offering a FREE autographed copy of the 1st book in the series (Hollywood Scandals) in print format. I’ll pull a post at random tomorrow and announce the winner here.

Happy reading!

~Gemma Halliday

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  1. I shamefully admit I like too many reality shows to list them all. I will say there's a special place in my heart for anything involving food.

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Gemma, your blog tour has gained you at least one new fan. I'm hunting down your books as soon as I can. They look like a lot of fun.

    I'm more of an afternoon tv gal. I think they should hook up Jerry Springer, Doctor Phil and Judge Judy in the ultimate trashy trifecta. Jerry Springer can do the DNA tests for the "who's your baby's daddy" segment, Doctor Phil can counsel the estranged couple on their child-rearing techniques and cheating tendencies, and Judge Judy can rule on the custody and child support payments as well as on the "she trashed my car when she found out I was dating her sister and her momma" insurance coverage issues. :)

    Elspeth Cross (

  3. I have to admit that I snorted out loud the second you said the Stayin' Alivve contestants get immunity based on ballroom dancing. Pure genius. Why didn't I think of that?!

    Is it any surprise to anyone that my fave shows are the dance ones?

  4. I don't watch TV! But that's okay cuz then I have more time to read, right?

  5. I only like one... Dancing With The Stars. I like seeing how they evolve as dancers from barely able to shake their hips to doing elaborate lifts.

    Yes, I'm hooked!

  6. I’m loving that Kristen watches the foodie shows (The Perfect Dish, anyone?) and Amanda watches the dance ones. I hope you guys are both totally writing off your cable bills each month!

    Gwen – I love you, but I don’t get you. No TV?! *faint* I could not survive.

    Ria – and the costumes, right? I LOVE the dance costumes!

  7. Elspeth –Yay! A new reader! *happy dancing around the room* And, YES on the trashy trifecta! Lol! Okay, I will admit, I tried to get on Jerry Springer once. I was living with two male roommates, and we were total devotees of the show. We came up with this great story about how I was sleeping with both, pregnant, and didn’t know who the baby daddy was. But we couldn’t decide if the twist should be that I find out one of them is actually my brother or actually used to be a woman.

  8. Amanda Brice2:22 PM


  9. I love Reality shows where people have to battle it out using their wits & sometimes their brawn. The Amazing Race & Survivor top my list. I've been watching a lot of cooking shows lately so maybe you could have the Survivor contestants battle it out in a cooking challenge. Though what you can do with rice & not much else would indeed be a challenge.

  10. I feel like I've been waiting for Allie's story FOREVER, so I'm so excited for this one!

  11. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Hi Gemma (and Amanda)! I LOVE reality TV. Survivor is my favorite, but I also like Pawn Stars, Next Food Network Star, Celebrity, I watch too much TV. LOL BTW, I really love the covers for this series. :)

  12. Marybelle - 101 ways to cook rice! ;)

    Kat- Thanks! I kinda dig these covers, too. And I'll admit, I got totally hooked on celebrity apprentice this season. I was so glad when John Rich won!

    Okay, and now for the winner of HOLLYWOOD SCANDALS... totally at random... Ria Ritchey! Congrats! Email me at gemmahalliday at gmail dot com with your contact info and I'll send it out ASAP.