Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New Facebook Page--yeehaw!

Did you know The Fictionistas has a brand-new Facebook page? AND that it's the most fun you can buy? AND...uh, that we're uber-foxy?!? That's right--check us out HERE.

Every time you like our page, an angel gets its wings. A romance heroine gets her happily-ever-after. A fat kid gets cake.

Come on, be a hero.

Also, while you're being so awesome, check out our individual Facebook pages. Here's the list:

--Kristen Painter

--Gwen Hayes

--Mel Francis

--Rhonda Stapleton

--Amanda Brice

Now, go forth and enjoy, my preciousssss!


  1. Liked. Now where's my cake? ;o)

  2. I've always liked the Fictionistas.

  3. B.E.,
    I've got your cake right here... ;)

  4. Amanda Brice12:26 PM

    Rhonda, you crack me up.