Monday, January 24, 2011

When I was COOL


Once upon a time I was cool, and so was this jacket.  I swear.  I have witnesses.

In fact, yesterday (Sunday) I made my normal morning rounds and came across Bill, who dated me a little a million years ago, and somehow ended up married to my absolute best friend, Roxy.  (You may now shriek the Police song in your head… you’re welcome.)

Anyway, I was minding my own beeswax, standing in line at the pharmacy with ice, a newspaper, and some Tylenol when Bill wandered up with his two adorable kids—Johnny and Bill Jr.  He kissed me on the cheek and said “hey, sweetheart!”

That’s where the trouble started.

Johnny:  WHY are you calling Chrissy “sweetheart?”

Bill:  Because she IS a sweetheart.  Back in the day everybody wanted her to be THEIR sweetheart, you know.

Johnny (incredulous—thanks, Johnny):  WHY????

Bill:  Because she was cute, she could sing and play guitar, she could play BASEBALL, and she could open beer bottles with the buttons on her Levi’s jacket.

*note: this is true… and I can still do it.

Johnny (considering):  Welllll… okay, that IS cool, but it’s a really stupid reason to fall in love with somebody.

*insert hysterical laughter wafting through CVS

Everybody’s a critic.  That kid can open his own bloody beer bottles.  *fume*


  1. Children know nothing.

  2. I agree. I still have the jacket, btw. The back of it has a rather elaborate and yet, somehow, lame mural done in sharpie.


  3. I love it! Great story, great jacket.

  4. I miss Levi jackets.

  5. Amanda Brice7:59 AM

    I immediately thought of that scene in Old School where Luke Wilson's character tells Ellen Pompeo's character that he was intimidated of her in HS because she smoked Marlboro Reds and had a Whitesnake jean jacket. LOL

    And then she's all "I still have that Whitesnake jean jacket" and he says "I'm still intimidated."

  6. dude, if there's EVER a reason to fall in love with someone, it's that she can open beer bottles with the buttons of her levis.

  7. Very cool, Chrissy. I love Levi jackets. Had my father's for a long time. Still have it, somewhere. The bit about opening beer bottles with the buttons - priceless.