Friday, January 14, 2011

These are some things that are really bothering me.

I'm usually a happy go lucky blog poster. "This is great!" "Look at this link!" "I love this" etc.

But lately.

Here goes:

Pluto is still a planet. I don't care what they say.

There are twelve zodiac signs. Not thirteen. Not only are they messing with people's tattoos, but omG, what about the continuity on Battlestar Gallactica?

Words have meaning. Especially negative ones. By removing them from classics, you change the context of the story. How about instead of whitewashing history, we talk to the kids about why it's important to remember even the ugly bits of history so that we continue to move forward.

So...what's eating you?


  1. So that's what all the buzz on Twitter regarding signs were. Guess now I'm an Aries instead of a Taurus. Whatever difference that makes :-p

  2. The general lack of delicious, fat-free, calorie free mac and cheese available on the market.

  3. Pluto will always be a planet to me. I hadn't heard about them changing zodiac signs, but come on, man. You can't just change those things willy-nilly. I'm still a Taurus, but seriously, the sign you are is the sign you were born in. Sheesh. And that whole Mark Twain travesty totally ticks me off. I heard some chick on a call-in to CNN talking about how the language in Twain offended her and her daughter so much she fought to ban the book at her kid's school. I wanted to leap through the TV and slap her.

    :end rant: Heh, I guess all of the above were eating me, too. Thanks Gwen.

  4. I'm not that concerned about the zodiac thing, probably because I'm still a fish! heh

    But I agree that changing Twain's words is an absolute travesty. As is book banning. If we continue to whitewash our history, we will never learn from our mistakes.

    And yes, Pluto is still a planet.

  5. Amanda Brice10:17 AM

    Pluto is a planet, damnit. I refuse to accept otherwise.

    And I refuse to accept that I'm not a Taurus. I'm the very textbook definition of a Taurus. I cannot possibly be an Aries. And my poor baby! She's an Ophiucus! Nobody even has any clue what that is!

    And dude, you do NOT change Twain's words. Sacrilege!

  6. How do you pronounce Ophiucus anyway?

  7. Amanda Brice1:23 PM


    At least that's the pronunciation I read on a website. Having been an Alpha Phi member while in college, that's how I would have pronounced it anyway, wihtout having read it.