Monday, December 06, 2010

baby it's cold outside!

The holidays are upon us and the radio stations are pummeling us with Christmas carols.

I'm not ready for them yet. I know, there are only 18 days between now and Christmas Eve. I know that halls are being decked, sweet treats are being baked, and stockings are being hung...and yet, the Christmas Spirit is eluding me.

Maybe it's because I can't have a tree this year. My terrorists kittehs will destroy it, much like they have destroyed every roll of paper towels and toilet paper I've brought into the house...

Maybe it's because this holiday will be a weird one for me. It's the first post-divorce holiday. It will definitely feel strange. The good news is, I will actually get a gift this year! I guess I've finally been a good girl.

Or maybe it's because I just haven't heard the right song yet. There is one song that always makes me happy, even though it's not technically a Christmas song, it is always played around this time of the year and it works wonders for my spirit.

Today I shall listen to it over and over again until I'm no longer feeling the ba humbug.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Do you have a specific holiday song that always gets you in the spirit?


  1. Love that song!
    I am trying to connect with Christmas this year by knitting, baking, and watching holiday flicks. I told the kids not to expect a lot giftwise, too.

  2. Nat King Cole singing 'O Holy Night' usually does it for me. Or listening to The Nutcracker Suite. Or putting the old Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton Christmas in the CD player. What can I say, it's easy to put me in a Christmas mood. (But only after Thanksgiving. Before then, I don't want to see or hear anything holiday related.)