Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Cleveland just had a teeny earthquake. SO freaking weird--I have never been in one before. I was sitting at my desk, and it suddenly felt like my body was shaking funny. I actually thought it was me, until my boss and my mom said they felt it too. At least it was really mild. I was in a hurricane before as a kid, which was super scary.

Have you ever been in an earthquake or other natural disaster?


  1. We have little tiny tremors now and then. Never a big one, thankfully.

  2. I'm just outside of Buffalo and people all around me felt it...but not me. I'm kinda bummed!

  3. I've never felt an earthquake. I can't imagine how weird it must be...

    Since I'm from Texas, I've lived through many, many hurricanes & tropical storms & tornadoes. Living without power for more than a week is no picnic. Luckily, my houses have always been pretty much undamaged... but when you're IN a hurricane, hearing the wind all around you can be TERRIFYING. And tornadoes are just insane... sometimes you don't even know you should be worried about one until you hear later that a house a mile away got ripped apart by one an hour before. Totally freaky.

  4. I felt an earthquake once when I lived in Michigan. I was sitting with my mother, reading and watching TV when it felt like she kicked the chair I was sitting in. I turned to say something to her at the same time she turned to say something to me for kicking her chair. Years later I was living in Tallahassee and caught the eastern edge of a hurricane that hit Pensacola. Lots of rain, lots of wind, but no real damage. And now I'm in eastern Colorado and it's the middle of tornado season. No direct hits since I moved here. Knock on wood.