Monday, May 17, 2010

TV Addiction

It's possible I'm becoming addicted to television. So I'm relieved, in a way, to have the regular season coming to a close. Frankly, I've never trusted people who claim not to watch much television. I always find myself wondering if they are lying or just weird. How can you NOT want to watch television? They landed on the moon, shot two presidents, had a bunch of wars, shot the guy who allegedly shot one of the presidents... never mind not watching MUCH... I'm afraid to look away.

But yeah... ok, yeah... I need to watch less. And I do go through long periods of reading a lot and turning it off. For months at a time, during the "off" season, I have watched less than an hour a day on average. Only last night was the big Survivor finale, and I actually left the house to buy enough snacks to keep me over-stuffed from 8 to 11 eastern standard. I can't believe Sandra won. I was a rare Team Russel girl.

Except now... NOW we have basic cable and a lot of really good crap comes on just when the regular stuff that is normally awesome goes into re-runs.

DAMMIT!! I was totally going to be good. Survivor, which just ended a tenth season, has two seasons per year. FX has shows like Justified, which I really like. But then, shows like White Collar Crime and In Plain Sight and Psych, which I forget about all-together, suddenly grab hold. It's like... just when I am sure I have the monkey off my back, they pull me back in!!

My obsessions this past television season have been more about nightly marathons. On Wednesdays I was glued to Ghost Hunters and Criminal Minds, juggling to get the second viewing of GH so I could watch CM, which I had never seen until the reruns on A&E suckered me in... now I'm collecting the seasons on DVD. On Thursdays I really hunker down for Survivor (STILL can't believe Sandra won), Fringe, and Real Housewives of New York.

Things are about to change, because most of these series are about to go away for the summer. Castle is another obsession, along with Glee. By June I'll be looking for new fixes. I'll need a new drug to cut the edge off my withdrawal.

It's sick. Yet like all junkies I don't want a cure. I'm trying to be honest about it, and a part of my dirty-junky soul hopes everything they run as a mid-season replacement really sucks. Because I miss daylight, fresh air, and people who are not creepily crisp in high-def. Man... Alec Baldwin has freaking ginourmous pores. I love him in old fashioned plasma, though.


  1. I'm a total tv junkie, so the fact that I have no cable anymore is killing me.

    BTW, I wrote a letter to Russell today on my personal blog. He really needs to learn from his mistakes... what a dumb---

  2. I watch too much TV, too. I never used to! Well, it crept up. Buffy, then Angel...Farscape.... Then I got into Stargate. Then it was "let's check out Supernatural, see if it's any good" or "this Numb3rs is about a math guy, so we have to watch it" ... then it was "we liked David Boreanaz in Angel, so let's check out Bones"... Now I'm watching Castle, Glee, Chuck, and I can't tell you how many other shows. (Way too many!) And if I don't keep watching, my Tivo will get full....

    Actually, I'm trying to drop shows. Two of my shows just ended and two got cancelled, so that's a good start!

  3. I am so with you on this. I watch way, way too much TV and I know it.

    But am I giving it up? Nope. I'm just not that strong. *sniff*

  4. I'm trying to process "no cable" without whimpering.

    I think Boston Rob really summed Russel up: he would ALWAYS be in the final three, but NEVER win. I still think a Celebrity Survivor would be freaking GENIUS!!

  5. I don't watch TV.

    I do love some TV shows that I watch on DVD and I do catch Glee sometime during the week on But I cannot watch commercials without wanting to hurt someone. We don't have a TV in the living room, so it really doesn't occur to me anyway. There is a big tv in the rec room, and a smaller one we watch DVDs on in our room.

  6. I am about to go into some serious withdrawls. I'm losing Lost, Grey's Anatomy is having its season finale and Desperate Housewives/Brothers and Sisters already did. Thankfully, Saving Grace, White Collar, Psych and Drop Dead Diva will be back soon....
    (Okay..maybe I need an intervention.....)