Friday, July 01, 2011

Good luck Bria Quinlan!

A friend and one time guest blogger for the Fictionistas, Bria Quinlan, is up for a prestigious award tonight and I wanted to take this opportunity to wish her the best of luck.

Bria is more than just my writing friend, she's one of the people in my life that makes it possible for me to be me. If you have a friend like that, you know what I'm talking about. Being around her brings out the best qualities in myself and she keeps me true to who I am underneath all the layers we wear to please other people.

The award she is up for is called the Golden Heart. It celebrates authors who have not yet signed publishing contracts but who have EXCELLENT manuscripts.

I hope you will all join me in sending happy thoughts to Bria and the other contenders. They all deserve kudos for working so hard and being willing to submit themselves to peer review.

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