Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What is your bliss?

Right now, I'm sitting on campus (I'm a tutor in the writing center) in a 3rd-floor room with large windows, looking outside at this gorgeous spring day. The wind is rustling lightly through the trees. Even though I'm "working" I'm so happy I get to see outside. When I was in cubicle hell (aka, working a day job), my desk faced the men's bathroom.

Being able to work at home with the windows open, or in the writing center, is one of the little things that makes me happy.

Lately I've been taking stock of those little things. Finding my bliss, if you will. Here are some of those small wonders in my life that make me smile:

--lying on the couch with my fiance Chad, watching the Indians baseball game
--listening to my kids giggle
--sitting on my back patio with a beer
--getting new clients
--reading a book
--taking a luxurious bath
--getting my hair washed by someone

What's awesome about all those things is they're either cheap or free, haha. YAY for that. But they all make me blissfully content. And there are so many more I could add to the list, too.

So, what's your bliss? What little things make you happy in life?


  1. Don't laugh, but lately my bliss is working out. I'm in that zone where I could probably work out twice a day.

    I need my bliss to be writing. Le sigh.

  2. My bliss, A good book, sand between my toes, and good music.

  3. I've actually been looking forward to my elliptical time lately too, Kristen. Weird that.

    My bliss? Reading in the sunshine, snuggling dogs, the first sip of coffee in the morning...