Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Editing During a Crisis...and Promoting from a Hotel Room

Unless you've been living in a cave the past couple of weeks, I'm sure you've been following the crisis in Egypt.

One of my writer friends, Jenyfer Matthews, has been living it. Jenyfer and her family live in Cairo, and fortunately were able to get out of the country during the protests. Like millions of others, she watched the rioting on TV, but it was personal for her, since that was her city in chaos.

I couldn't imagine what that must be like. I would be terrified. But Jenyfer had a deadline she had to stick to. She'd promised herself she would get backlist up on Kindle and Smashwords by Valentine's Day, and she was going to stick to it, even if it meant formatting and editing from her hotel room in Istanbul.

So I thought I'd help her out, and spread the word to our Fictionistas friends. Each of these titles was previously published by Cerridwen Press, but when she got the rights back she decided to self-publish them.

Jenyfer is a great writer, and I ADORED "One Crazy Summer." Author Gemma Halliday called it "contemporary romance at its best" and said that "fans of Jennifer Crusie will love Jenyfer Matthews' fresh, fun voice."

I can't wait to read the rest of her stories!

Here are the blurbs. You can pop over to her website to find links to the Smashwords and Kindle sites to buy.

Happy reading!


Summer Donahue is not Ben Martin’s type of woman. Ben is conservative, thoughtful and the model of self-control. Summer is whimsical, spontaneous and just a bit flaky. So why, when she breezed into his office like a tropical storm, was he so instantly and inexplicably attracted to her?

Summer consulted Ben to have her business’s taxes done. But when it comes to light that Summer’s ex-husband and ex-accountant Malcolm has embezzled most of her liquid assets and put her on the brink of bankruptcy, Ben throws aside all of his iron-clad rules about getting personally involved with his clients. Summer and Ben go to Mexico to find her ex and save her business. But in the process Ben loses more to Summer than his personal credo — he loses his heart as well.


All Julia Sullivan wanted was a fresh start in a new place. But cutting ties with the past and starting over can be a difficult thing to do.

After leaving her husband and quitting her job, Julia was emotionally spent. She needed a quiet place to recharge and to think about what she wanted from life. She thought she had found just that when she inherited her aunt’s oceanfront Victorian house in Haven, New Jersey. It wasn’t going to be that simple, however. In addition to her new house being a complete shambles, her charming soon-to-be ex-husband Patrick, whom she discovers she still loves, arrives with the intention of winning her back. To complicate matters further, it seems as if her aunt’s death wasn’t an accident after all. And there’s just something about her new house that seems to interest all sorts of people.


Maggie Dean and Sam Callahan grew up in the same town, knew each other in school, admired each other from afar, but never dated. She was just a little too straight and narrow for this bad boy. Now they’re all grown up and back in their hometown – she to deal with a family crisis, he to prove that he’s changed his ways.

After enduring her parents’ loveless marriage and coming home to help her sister pick up the pieces of her broken one, Maggie isn’t interested in relationships. Sam Callahan is not only still gorgeous, but he’s still available. Neither Maggie nor Sam can deny their attraction but they’re still at odds. Maggie’s down on family life — can Sam be the one to convince her to settle down?


  1. I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing things the way I ended up having to, but I'm glad I made my deadline anyway :)

  2. Way back when, I was Jenyfer's critique partner for these books. They are wonderful. Go. Buy them quick!

  3. Yay! I love reading on my Kindle.